The Sellers listed below represent less than 5% of the Contracted Searches we are working on.



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All Numbers Based On Full Year Pre-Covid

Listing Code
Type = Type of Operation
  • S Storefront
  • V Virtual
  • O Online
  • OBOffice Building
  • N/ANot Applicable
Business Mix
Mix of Business
  • CL Corporate & Some Leisure
  • LC Leisure & Some Corporate
  • C Corporate
  • L Leisure
  • CR Cruise Only
  • G Mainly Groups
  • N Niche
  • A Adventure
  • ME Meetings/Events
  • I Incentive
  • O Other
Kind of Company
Kind = Specialty
  • TA Travel Agency
  • TMC Travel Management Company
  • TAC Travel Agency Chain
  • CO Cruise Only
  • TO Tour Operator (Outbound)
  • VU Visit USA (Inbound)
  • WH Wholesaler
  • DM Destination Management Company
  • CO Consolidator
  • HO Hotel/Lodging
  • CH Consortia/Host
  • AI Airline
  • TE Tech Co.
  • SU Start Up
  • MI Misc.
Total Selling Agents
Consortia Affiliation
Mgmt/Agts (staying)

Whether or not owner, management or agents are opting to stay with the company after sale or merger is complete.

  • O Owner Staying
  • M Management Staying
  • A Agent(s) Staying
  • N None Staying
Region of HQ
  • N-E New England
  • NE Northeast
  • MA Mid-Atlantic
  • SA South Atlantic
  • S South
  • SE Southeast
  • MW Midwest
  • SW Southwest
  • WC West coast
  • NW Northwest
  • CAN Canada
  • OU Out of Country
Gross Sales
Total Commission
Total Commissions
(Actual Revenue)
  • Airlines
  • Tour Operator
  • Hotel
  • Car Rental
  • Cruise
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other
Operating Expenses
Total Operating Expenses
  • Salaries & Benefits
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • GDS's
  • Advertising
  • Other
Net Income
Asking $
TA123 (click here) S CL TA 5 N O/M/A SE $5M $500K $300K $200K $1.2M SOLD
TA125 (click here) S LC TA 6 N ? S $4M $450K $200K $250K $750K SOLD
TA127 (click here) OB C TMC 28 Y M/A MW $70M $8.4M $6M $2.4M $16.8M On-Hold
TA30 (click here) S CR TA 5 Y Y N-E $18M $1.9M $1.6M $350k Open
TA31 (click here) S LG TA 10 N ? NW $15M $1.3M $900K $400K $1.2M Open
TA100 (click here) OB C TMC 130 N M/A UK $600M $75M $47M $32M $160M Out
TA (click here) OB/V CL TMC 89 Y M/A SW $150M $24.3M $16.5M $8M $40M LOI
TA1520 (click here) V L/-85% G/15% TA 3 Y O/A NE/MA $2.5M $325K $63K $262K $752K Open
TO0620 (click here) V L/-90% G/10% TA/TO 2 N O SW $700K $155K $80K $75K $250K NOT AVAILABLE
TA0821BR (click here) SV CLI TA 18 Y OMA NW $16M $1.9M $1.6M $300K $1.1M Closed


March - December 2020 (Inquiries Ranged from 40 to 200+ per week) 3-5 Business Transactions per week.
January - Present 2021 (Inquiries average 50 per week) 10-15 Business Transactions per week.

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