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We are looking for Travel Companies who are looking to sell their business. They may wish to stay on and the "Buyer" may wish them to stay on as well for a contracted period. The contracted period would be discussed between the "Seller" and the "Buyer". Also, should the "Seller" wish to have their staff maintained, and the "Buyer" wishes for the same, we will do every effort to make this happen. If you recommend a Seller to us, who signs our Agreement, and we sell that company, you will earn a "Finderís Fee from us of $1,000.00 paid in USD. The "Seller" company MUST have a Total Sales amount of at least $10Million (Gross Sales). Should you recommend a "Seller" whose Total Sales (Gross) is less than $10Million but more than $5Million, and they sign our agreement and subsequently we sell them, you will see a "Finderís Fee of $500.00 USD.

Should you source and recommend a "Buyer", we will then discuss an alternate fee and once agreed to that number, we will generate a Document for you.

Please make sure that if you are referring either a Buyer or Seller, you provide your contact information, including Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, and email. Send to M&

Thank you.

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